Young Blood Transfusions (alternative to Ambrosia Young Blood in Mexico)

Please Note: The FDA prohibits this procedure in the United States & we are not able to offer this procedure here. Please contact us for more information on procedures available in Mexico.

Ambrosia Young Blood Transfusions are quickly becoming a popular medical procedure that specifically transfers young blood cells and plasma from a young person into an older person. The sole intention and goal is to create increased energy and trigger significant rejuvenating factors. A fountain of youth of sorts.

Singular Biotech is a Los Angeles biotech company that specializes in an alternative to Ambrosia young blood transfusions and plasma therapy and treatment. We proudly have locations nationally and abroad. Our innovative biotechnology company has expanded to include San Diego, Mexico, India & Thailand.

While “ambrosia” plasma treatments and young blood transfusions are still being researched and have yet to garner widespread scientific backing, those that have been fortunate enough to step into the unknown and reaped the benefits. Young Blood Transfusions reverse the aging process and leave your entire biological makeup reinvigorated.


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 Ambrosia Young Blood Transfusions. The Anti-aging Innovation?

Ambrosia Young Blood Treatment Those that have ponied up the price tag for ambrosia plasma treatments and young blood transfusions have likened it to what Benjamin Button felt like. The aging in reverse process is so significant that patients experience heightened senses, added strength and a complete overhaul of their overall health.

Singular Biotech has mastered the process of young blood transfusions of younger plasma into older patients. 

In the Ambrosia plasma and young blood transfusion trial, roughly 80 participants with a median age of 60 had their blood tested for around 100 different biomarkers before receiving a single ambrosia transfusion, and then again a month later. “On average, patients had 21% fewer carcinoembryonic antigens, a compound associated with lung, colon, and ovarian cancer; 10% fewer apolipoproteins, associated with heart disease; and 20% fewer amyloid plaques, associated with Alzheimer’s.”

Reverse the Age of Your Cells, Ambrosia Alternative Young Blood Treatments

As we age, though, cells start to get sloppy. The proteins they make may be misshape. Not so badly that they stop working, but bad enough to start limiting other cell function. Eventually, you get buildups of enough bad proteins that cause the disease—like the Alzheimer’s  amyloid plaques.

Despite all of the skepticism, Singular Biotech stands behind this innovative service and science. It is well known that technologies are far outpacing that of proper review boards and have outgrown the slow process of proper panel testing. But the results speak for themselves. So far, there is no evidence to discount this as a rock-solid rejuvenation technique that can add years to your life, improve cognition and may even make your skin look 10x younger.

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