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N95 Mask Los AngelesGerms are a part of life and are everywhere. Human beings have found ways to survive epidemics and brutal flu seasons for centuries. But with populations swelling and more people moving to the city, overcrowding has hastened the spread of viruses like influenza and the coronavirus. 

Unless you’ve been completely cut off from the media or internet, chances are that you’ve heard of the coronavirus. The coronavirus is a quickly moving and is said to soon be a global pandemic with over 70,000 people infected and nearly 1,700 souls dead in China. International travel is still in full swing, and with that comes the risk of coronavirus spreading. Little is known about this mysterious virus, from where it originated to how it began. One thing is clear though, we shouldn’t wait for it to knock on our front door. Protect yourself now! 

Simply washing your hands doesn’t cut it anymore. You need to protect yourself from airborne bacteria and germs. New studies show that viruses like influenza, and possibly the coronavirus, can be spread from people simply speaking or breathing out.

Anytime a human being speaks or breathes, much worse sneezes or coughs, tiny particles of saliva can stay suspends in the air for minutes long. It’s literally bacteria floating in the air we breathe. The first line of defense to protecting yourself from the coronavirus and from catching any form of influenza is to properly cover your mouth and nose with a medical-grade N95 mask, otherwise known as N95 respirator face mask.  

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The N95 & PM2.5 Medical Mask Reduces the Risk of Coronavirus 

coronavirus mask - Buy OnlineThe coronavirus N95 mask got its name because it blocks AT LEAST 95% of airborne particles. These particles are as small as 0.3 micron. It is essential that you find quality N95 medical masks that fit properly to the face and leave no room for contaminants to enter. 

If you have been searching high and low to find these medical N95 masks and found them sold out, you’re not alone. But don’t give out hope. Singular Biotech has got you covered. We went above and beyond to stock up on high-quality N95 coronavirus masks. As we stated before these medical N95 masks reduce the risk of Coronavirus. Lab-tested and clinically proven to prevent the risk of infection. Filters 95.99% of viruses (Coronavirus & Influenza), bacteria, dust, chemicals, particles, pollen, and smoke.

N95 respirators should be considered personal protective equipment to prevent the spread of germs as well as bettering your chances of not catching influenza or the coronavirus. This is absolutely a vital component of infection-control and a health hazard preventative measure. All coronavirus masks are crafted by soft, comfortable, breathable cotton but come with extra layers of protection as well as an FDA approved N95 filter that, again, protects you from inhaling viral pathogens. You can easily wear this throughout your day, at the workplace, and while traveling to give yourself the peace of mind you deserve. 

Conversely, if you feel like you’re getting ill, show the rest of society you care by covering your nose and mouth with an N95 medical mask. Unlike ordinary surgical masks, this N95 mask has a spacious mouth area that makes breathing easier and doesn’t heat or fog up inside the mask. 

N95 Medical Mask Avoid deadly viruses at all costs and protect your family as well. Buy in bulk for a discount. 

  • Blocks 95-99% viruses & bacteria
  • The medical-grade filter protects against harmful particles
  • Recommended use up to 1 week before disposal
  • Comfortable 3D flex design
  • Reusable & eco-friendly
  • Suitable for adults and children
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Are N95 & PM2.5 Masks Really Effective Against the Flu?

With some quick online research, you can conclude that the flu virus is .17 microns in size. Now that is clearly smaller than N100 masks can even filter out. But when you consider how viruses are most commonly spread, you begin to understand why medical N95 flu masks work so well. The flu virus cannot exist without a courier. It piggybacks on droplets and particles that are excretions from the sneezing, coughing and speaking of an infected human. While KN95 & PM2.5 flu masks can’t promise complete protection, they can greatly decrease the chances you breathe in any infectious particles, pathogens or germs. Buy Online from the link below

Singular Biotech’s High-Quality N95 & PM2.5 Coronavirus Masks Are Here to Protect You