Parkinsons Stem Cell Therapy

Parkinsons Stem CellsIn a major breakthrough for the treatment of Parkinson’s disease, researchers working with laboratory rats have shown it is possible to treat Parkinson’s with Parkinsons Stem Cell therapy. Scientists have found a way to make dopamine cells from embryonic stem cells and transplant them into the brain, replacing the cells lost to the disease.

Researchers say it is possible to make dopamine cells from human embryonic stem cells, paving the way for a new treatment for Parkinson’s. Parkinson’s disease is caused by the gradual loss of dopamine-producing cells in the brain. Dopamine is a brain chemical that, among other things, helps regulate movement and emotional responses.

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There are no cures for Parkinson’s disease. While there are drugs that ease symptoms, none are shown to significantly slow the disease or stop it dead in its tracks. Deep brain stimulation can alleviate symptoms of Parkinson’s in certain patients but that is far from a cure. By using advanced Parkinsons Stem Cell therapies and treatments, we are able to greatly improve overall quality of life, promote tissue healing in the brain and reverse some damage to existing tissue. Human embryonic stem cells – precursor cells that have the potential to become any cell of the body – are a promising source of new dopamine cells, but they have proved difficult to harness for this purpose.

At the moment, stem cell therapy treatments focus on managing Parkinson’s disease rather than curing it. Stem cell treatments have resulted in improvements in the symptoms and delays in the progression of Parkinson’s disease.

Stem cell treatment has been very effective in controlling PD. Many stem cell therapy centers offer stem cell therapy to manage Parkinson’s disease using mesenchymal (adult) stem cells. This can help control symptoms and delay the progression of symptoms so individuals with PD can continue to live life independently.

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